Fire rating of the paint PLAMCOR-2 has been enhanced and has reached 120 minutes


The regular fire test is successfully passed. The fire rating of 120 minutes is confirmed by the fire safety certificate.

The improved fire rating by far extends the useful working range of the paint PLAMCOR-2. Now it can be used for protection of objects of the I fire resistance rating.

It is significant that the paint PLAMCOR-2 may be used all year round.

The temperature range is from – 15 to + 40 °C. Good compatibility with the VMP anticorrosive primers is an added reason for its employment. This makes it possible to develop the coatings for all-round protection of metal structures from corrosion and fire. PLAMCOR-2 may be also used with primer GF-021.

Through widening the product range and improving the materials formulations the VMP Holding Company is aimed at creating the most favorable opportunities for its customers. To buy all required protection materials from one supplier is certainly a good and profitable proposition.

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