VMP developed new systems for combined structural fire protection


VMP DEVELOPED NEW SYSTEMS FOR COMBINED STRUCTURAL FIRE PROTECTIONVMP holding got conformity certificates for coating systems that use PLAMCOR-6 new thermal insulation composition. The material is used together with thin-layer intumescent paints of the PLAMOR series, together they form a system of combined structural fire protection for metal structures with small reduced thicknesses on objects of I and II degrees of fire resistance.

PLAMCOR-6 + PLAMCOR-2 and PLAMCOR-6 + PLAMCOR-3 combined fire protection systems are used indoors and in an open atmosphere, for application in the factory and directly on the construction site at a reduced metal thickness below 5.8 mm in accordance with the requirements of SP 2.13130 and provide fire resistance R90 and R120.

With increased decorative requirements or the need to protect against aggressive environmental factors, POLYTON-UR (UV) or VINICOR-62 finishing enamels are used. Combined structural fire protection systems can be used in areas with high seismicity.

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